[Windows] How to mirror screen from PC to TV?

1.Network Connection 

First make sure that the Android smart TV, Android TV box, computer all connected to the same Wi-Fi. (Preferably 5G band Wi-Fi)

2.Install 1001 TVs

Search “1001 TVs” from Google Play, then install it, run it, keep in [mirror] page

Go official website to install 1001TVs on PC. You can refer to the Installation Guide.

3. Mirror screen

1)Search device
Under normal circumstances, the smart TV with “1001 TVs” in the same local area network will be automatically displayed.
Select the device you want to cast your screen to, and you can easily cast your screen with one click!
The mirror screen projection function can be used in various scenarios, such as conference presentation PPT projection .
switch to 【PC–>TV】 tab

4.Screen setting
1) Change the screen definition (You can switch the video resolution on your computer to meet different customer needs.)
If you experience stuttering, it is recommended to try reducing the sharpness.

  • 5. Notes:
  • No sound when mirroring the screen, it is recommended that the computer has speakers
  • Try to connect to the 5G band Wi-Fi, the screen will be more stable, and the delay will be less.