1001 Record for Mac


Completely FREE and easy to use screenshot and screen recording tool, supports drawing tools to mark the key points and highlight your idea!

  • Screen shot
  • Screen record
  • Drawing tools
  • 4K

    Higher resolution



    Smoother video



    Premium experience

    New release

    Quick start

    Simple and refreshing interface, quickly find the functions you need. One key to start screen recording, switch the sound and microphone at any time, conveniently edit and view the recorded files, make screen recording more efficient, make work and life easier.

    Custom recording

    Free to switch between multiple windows and record in selected region. Conveniently set the output video FPS and resolution; Support audio recording and webcam recording to meet various recording needs.

    Freedom of Expression

    A variety of graphic tools that you can call up when recording or taking screenshots of your screen, and convenient tools that allow you to focus on the content itself and use more space for your imagination.

    👏 Highly Recommend by Mac Users.


    I have already installed more screen recorder bought and free but I really Like this app it has alle more Important feature 100% user friendly

    @Igor Antun

    A tapestry of pixels, a symphony of frames, in this app's embrace, my vision gains names. It paints my ideas, oh so vividly, a poet's dream, it shall always be. With functionality vast, and options galore, it lets my imagination soar.


    A standing ovation for the maestro behind this app! It's like music to my tech-loving ears. Finally, I can compose 1080P, 60 FPS recordings without a symphony of premium fees. Encore, encore!


    I tried all the others higher up on the App Store list, and all were rubbish and had to be deleted. This one is excellent and actually does what it says it does, without time limitations, or crashing constantly, or trying to make me pay for an upgrade to a paid version, or putting watermarks on everything. Way to go 1001 Record! Nice to see a free app actually work.

    @Slitherio gamer

    Honestly, uou saved my life, every screen recorder i download always bugs my recording out and just ruins it. THANKS TO YOU!!! I can now record 1080P, 60 FPS, no premium. You are a absolute god, i suffered for WEEKS trying to find a good recording software. You deserve 5 stars!!


    Unlike other screen recorders I've sampled, this one is fully functional as downloaded, all resolutions, no watermarks or limits, no commercials for "pro mode" -- it "just works". Be aware that at least one well-known movie streaming app I tried is aware of screen recorders, and as soon as you click the Record button, the streaming movie window goes black. Stop the recording, the image comes back.

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