1001 TVs for iOS

Supports screen mirroring, file transfer, and streaming between different systems.

  • Mirroring Screen
  • File Transfer
  • Streaming
  • Family Album
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    Amplify your happiness

    -> Cast Video

    You can cast video with sound to Apple TV through your iphone, or you can access video websites or APPs through the web video function to cast video with sound.

    Improve your efficiency

    -> Transplant Ideas

    Fast cross-platform file tranfer tool that lets you port your ideas to other devices faster, making your office experience more secure, intelligent and lightweight.

    Update your playback experience

    -> Streaming player

    Whether it's sharing your travel photos with your friends and family, projecting your discount campaign at your coffee shop, or sharing a homemade music demo with your friends, it offers more possibilities for you to play your video, audio, and pictures.

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