1001 TVs for Android

1001 TVs, start with mirroring screen and beyond it.

  • Mirroring Screen
  • FileTransfer
  • Streaming
  • Family Album
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    Immersive viewing

    -> Web Video

    We provide you with an immersive viewing experience through web video. You can switch to the web video channel to play internet videos after connecting your device successfully. Compatible with a variety of mainstream video sites, find what you love.

    Another choice

    -> Browser screen

    Is there a way to cast the screen directly and quickly without installing a client on the PC? We offer browser casting to solve this problem quickly. Open your browser and enter the URL, you can cast the screen on your phone without installing and waiting.

    A better way of sharing

    -> Family Album

    The family album feature satisfies your desire to share with your family and friends by organizing your photos into a digital album, uploading it to TV, and personalizing the playback settings to create your own slide show.

    Nero Platinum MEGA-UPDATE

    The software collection to master your digital projects quickly and easily.