1001 TVs for Windows

Explore new worlds and create new stories with 1001 TVs.

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    User-Friendly Experience

    Enjoy a straightforward screen mirroring connection through QR code scanning or device auto-discovery.

    Access our connection guide, FAQs, and online customer service to assist you with any inquiries or issues.

    Quick Responsiveness

    Our screen mirroring feature ensures a fast response with minimal delay when connected to the target device.

    Every action on the mirrored device is presented with clarity, providing a smooth experience right from the start.

    Multiple Files Transfer

    There is no need to struggle with the challenge of transferring multiple files across devices and platforms; with 1001 TVs, this process is easily managed. The app supports a variety of common office folders, audio and video files, and images.

    Whether for work or personal use, 1001 TVs simplifies the process for you.