Here’s your chance to use it for free! Recruiting beta testers and translators!

Dear fans, in order to better improve product quality, we have begun to recruit beta testers and translators.

After passing the application, you can use the latest products for free.

The requirements for beta testers are as follows. You can apply if you meet the following two conditions:

  1. Android phone: Be able to install apk and be able to describe clearly the problems encountered.
  2. Apple mobile phone/Mac computer/Apple TV: Can use TestFlight to install new versions and understand the basic use of Apple devices.
  3. Windows computer: Can install and use the software.
  4. Android TV: Must have an Android smart TV, can install the apk and understand the basic use of the TV.

  5. Translator requirements are as follows:
  6. 1.Languages other than English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, or those with good language skills and the ability to optimize existing English and Chinese can also be considered.
  7. 2.Understand the basic functions of the software.
  8. 3.After completing a language translation, you can get a one-year free trial.

Contact email: