Guideline for Screen Mirroring with 1001 TVs on TCL 65″ Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR LED Smart Android TV

  1. Download and Install 1001 TVs:
  2. Launch 1001 TVs App:
    • Open the 1001 TVs app on your TCL Android TV.
  3. Start Screen Mirroring on Your Android Device:
    • Install 1001 TVs app on your phone via Google Play or Appstore.
  4. Start Mirroring:
    • Once connected, your Android device screen will be mirrored on your TCL TV.
    • You’ll see your phone’s interface, apps, and content on the big screen.
  5. Navigate and Interact:
    • Use your Android device to navigate and interact with apps, videos, photos, and more.
    • Enjoy streaming content, playing games, or sharing presentations.
  6. Adjust Settings:
    • Explore the 1001 TVs settings menu for additional features.
    • Adjust screen resolution, audio settings, and other preferences.
  7. End Screen Mirroring:
    • When you’re done, simply disconnect the screen mirroring by tap back button.

Screenshots (TCL 65S434 Model):

Remember that 1001 TVs supports cross-platform multi-screen casting, making it compatible with both Android and iOS devices2. Enjoy seamless screen mirroring and explore the possibilities! 📺📱