Wireless Screen Mirroring Solutions for Any Devices

1001 TVs

With this app, you will enjoy the online courses, office meetings, live TVs, mobile games, album videos or other apps on your smart TV screen instead of small phone screen


this app provides more stable service than others


launch, detect nearby available devices automatically


support multi-device simultaneous screen casting
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1001 TVs is a convenient and practical screen-casting application, it supports you mirror screen to TV, cast screen to computer,and mirroring to a web browser.

Mirror screen -No boundaries

Support cross-platform multi-screen casting, compatible with Android and iOS, let your phone cast to a bigger screen.

Share files - No walls

Support a variety of file transfers between phones, PCs, and TVs, allowing you to share your thoughts unconventionally.

Streaming - No more waiting

Your own media player, no more waiting for downloads, what you see is what you get.

Family album - No more missing

Build your family photo album, transfer your phone album to a larger screen, and magnify the beautiful moments of life.

user story

1001 TVs is a convenient and practical screen-casting application, it supports you mirror screen to TV, cast screen to computer, mirroring to a web browser.

Education ——

Find your home blackboard

Let us be a good assistant for you to study efficiently even in your home class. Simply cast your phone or tablet to a larger screen to make the teacher’s lecture clearer.

Teachers can directly show courseware, problem-solving processes, and experimental process to make the class more vivid and visual.

Office ——

Lightweight meeting,seamless communication

We'll be your closest office assistant.Whether it's transferring files wirelessly, casting presentations, or sharing brainstorming presentations, we'll help you communicate seamlessly with your team.

Entertainment ——

Enlarge the colorful world

We have been working hard to create your home theater.

Whether it's local videos, online movies, live fitness, photo galleries, or live games, you can cast them to a bigger screen with 1001 TVs and broaden a whole new horizon.

Live streaming ——

Share your beautiful life

We open a window for everyone to share their lives. 1001 TVs offers a more economical solution for live streaming, casting your live video to a larger screen, and facilitating intimate interaction with your fans while you continue your broadcast, without missing every detail of the comment pop-ups.

E-sports ——

Enhance the game experience

By casting screen from phone to PC, your mobile games can also be ported to PC, while supporting multiple cell phones and tablet devices to cast screen to one screen at the same time to enrich the gaming experience.