[Android] How to Mirror Android phone Screen to PC

  1. 1. Network Connection:

Ensure that the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile phone. (A 5G band Wi-Fi connection is recommended for best performance.)

  1. 2. Install 1001 TVs

Ensure that you install 1001 TVs on both devices you want to mirror or mirror to. For installation instructions, please refer to the Installing Guide.

  1. 3. Start Mirroring

You can initiate mirroring using one of two methods:

  • Scan QR code

Choose either QR code entrance 1 or 2. The first time you scan a QR code, camera authorization is required.

Once the scanning is successful, you can begin screen mirroring.

2) Select Nearby Devices

In most cases, all smart TVs, TV boxes, and PCs running “1001 TVs” on the same local area network (LAN) will be automatically displayed.

Selecting a device will initiate screen mirroring to that device.

Please note: The chosen device must have “1001 TVs” launched. If you don’t see the device, click the refresh button to reload the available devices.

Before initiating screen mirroring, please grant permission to access notifications and view the status in the notification bar.

This function improves the demonstration of the content from your mobile phone, mirroring your phone’s screen on a large display during a conference, while playing mobile games live and reading e-books on a larger screen.

3) Mirror Screen to Web Browser

Tap “Browser Mirror” on the home page.
Enter the displayed URL into your web browser to begin screen mirroring! (We recommended using the Chrome browser.)

  • 4. Settings

 1) Adjust Screen Resolution (You can modify the resolution on your mobile phone, computer and TV to meet various customer requirements. )

IF you experience persistent screen mirroring issues, consider reducing the resolution.

On your phone, find the resolution setting on the screen after successful mirroring.

On your PC, navigate to the top-left settings menu and select “Picture Quality.”

For TV or Box Side, press the Menu key on the Remote Control and choose “Screening Quality.”

2) Adjust Screen Settings

You may experience delays or lower resolution during the screen mirroring process. You can enhance the screen quality by adjusting the screen settings.

Screen Capture Mode: The default setting is automatic selection, but you can activate the option to switch to codec mode or picture mode.

Floating Window: If the mirroring is unexpectedly disconnected when the “Floating Window” option is disabled, please ensure permission is granted.

Battery Optimization: Screen mirroring may experience interruptions when battery optimization is enabled. It is recommended to disable this option.

  1. 5. Please Note:

When mirroring the screen, the target device may not have sound. It’s advised to connect the phone to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset for audio.

The mobile version is compatible with Android 6.0 or above, while the TV version supports Android 4.2.2 or higher.

For optimal performance, attempt to connect to Wi-Fi in the 5G band. This ensures a more stable screen and reduced delay.