How to fix unexpected interruptions during screen mirroring

1. Allow show floating window

2. Check 1001 TVs in the notification bar.

If none are present, please open Settings and navigate to Notification Management, then grant notification permissions for 1001 TVs.

3.Turn off the screen setting and keep the phone screen always on.

4. Ensure that [Ignore Battery Optimization] is enabled to prevent the 1001 TVs process from being terminated during screen mirroring. Follow the steps below to configure this setting:

5. Verify Network Stability: Use a network cable to connect your PC and TV to the router. If using Wi-Fi, ensure a strong and stable signal. (Preferable use Wi-Fi with 5G band.)

6. Turn off the router and restart it after 5 minutes.

7. Ensure that your mobile phone has more than 70% power, and it’s best to keep it charging.

8. Huawei: keep application running in background