Vertical screen mirror: Create a new visual experience

With the increasing abundance of mobile content, especially short videos and live streams, vertical screen content has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. 1001 TVs, as a cross-platform screen mirroring expert, not only supports traditional horizontal screen mirroring but also introduces a vertical screen mirroring feature, bringing users a brand-new visual experience.

(RedMi Note 8 Pro mirror to MiBox)

Here’s a polished version of your steps:

1.Access the “Setting” menu on your TV

2.”Adjust angle” option and select “90 degrees” to rotate the screen to a vertical position.

3.Initiate the screen mirroring process from your mobile device to the large screen. Choose your device from the list or scan the QR code

Once prompted on the TV, select “Accept” to enable the connection.

4.Congratulations! You have successfully mirrored your screen, and you can now enjoy the vertical viewing experience.

5.To adjust the size of the screen content, press the “Up” button on your TV remote