Mac: Wired Screen Mirroring is Coming!

Wired Screen Mirroring for iOS is Now Available online! Simply connect your device and MacBook using a data cable to mirror the screen directly to your computer.
No need to download 1001 TVs on your iPhone or iPad!

1. Install 1001 TVs on MacBook

Click the small icon in the picture to enter wired screen mirroring mode.

Permission Pop-up Window: Select ‘Allow’ to ensure normal use.

2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac using a data cable and click ‘Start’ upon successful connection.

After successful connection, the interface displays as follows:

3.You can close and reopen the screen mirroring interface at any time.


While the screen mirroring is loading, avoid plugging or unplugging the data cable to prevent mirroring failure.

If you encounter issues like screen mirroring failure or no signal, consider the following solutions:

  • 1.Replug the data cable.
  • 2.Restart 1001 TVs on MacBook.
  • 3.Restart your MacBook.

If the problem persists, please reach out to customer service:

  • WeChat:Nero_1001TVs
  • QQ:335 372 1717