[Mac/Windows] How to Receive Files from Android/iOS Phone

1. Network Connection 

Ensure that the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile phone. (A 5G band Wi-Fi connection is recommended for best performance.)

2. Install 1001 TVs on Phone and Mac/PC

You can download app from App Store or Google Play

1001 TVs Phone App on App Store

1001 TVs Mac App on App Store

3. Launch the Mac App and select File Transfer feature

4. Launch the Phone App and select the File Transfer feature

5. Search Nearby Devices

6. All devices listed

  • If the last connected device is available, you can transfer files directly.
  • For paired devices, you can also transfer files directly.
  • If connecting to a new device, please tap it to pair.
  • For an offline device, please ensure the network is stable. You can still view the received files.

7. Pair device with Mac/PC

8. Select files to send

9. Select files to send

You can click to open a file, view the file in Finder or Windows File Explorer, and click to refresh the current list.

10. Send Files from Mac/PC to Phone

Select one paired device.

11. Drag and drop files in the drop zone

12. Open the ‘Receive’ tab page on your phone, where your files will be displayed.