What should I do when failed to mirror screen even though connect to same Wi-Fi?

1. Turn off the router, turn on router after 5 minutes.

2. Check whether the AP isolation is enabled on the router. If the AP isolation is enabled, turn it off and try to mirror screen again.
Taking TP-Link as an example, device management–>AP isolation –>Off

3. Check if the proxy settings are enabled on the mobile network. If there is a proxy, turn off the manual proxy or add the IP of target device to the exception list.


4. Check the 1001 TVs PC app is the latest version or not, if not, please upgrade to the latest version. And tap ‘run as administrator’.

5. If you still can’t mirror screen, try function [Mirror To Browser].

Mirror to the browser:https://www.1001tvs.com/

6. Or open your personal hotspot, and connect your PC or TV to the hotspot, then try to mirror screen.